Every organization encounters fulfillment issues, from a product being unavailable to a customer ordering the incorrect item to the wrong price listed on the company online store. At any moment some aspect of the fulfillment process could require immediate attention and it is central to the success of an organization to resolve these very common issues quickly and efficiently. Basic and vital functions, such as minimizing backorders, communicating with customers on product availability, and monitoring order fulfillment operations, are often overlooked or ignored due to a lack of expertise, knowledge, or bandwidth to closely handle essential fulfillment management tasks.

I will supply a virtual hand to manage all your inventory and fulfillment demands and work as a seamless extension of your team so that your organization can focus on core goals and hand off key fulfillment operational tasks with the confidence that they will be handled smoothly, efficiently, and with the highest quality, and that customer needs are fulfilled to their complete satisfaction–and yours.

We will work in a collaborative way and develop a customized approach to meet all your fulfillment needs, including:

Inventory Management

  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Ordering and reprints
  • Inventory reports and reconciliations
  • Forecasting and sales analysis
  • Obsolescence and excess inventory
  • Physical inventory
  • Unit costs


Fulfillment and Vendor Management

  • Oversee daily warehouse functions
  • Track fulfillment expenses
  • Fulfillment RFP
  • Transitioning fulfillment operations (outsourcing and insourcing)
  • Contract negotiations
  • Cultivate and maintain vendor relationships
  • Invoice processing


Customer Service and Order Fulfillment

  • Process improvement
  • Customer service oversight
  • Develop standard operating procedures, FAQs
  • Product management
  • E-commerce order management
  • Book sales at conferences/author events